Top SPARKLE Jewelry Care Tips

Top SPARKLE Jewelry Care Tips

Hello Sparklers!!!

We want to share our TOP Sparkling Tips for keeping your jewelry looking gorgeous! With this Tips your jewelry should last for years!!!

Tip 1.  Store your jewelry in a cool, dry area of your bedroom. Use jewelry boxes or pouches to store them. You can find some great jewelry storage boxes on Amazon, and of course, Marshalls. Always store each piece of jewelry separately, to avoid scratching. You can store them in air tight bags or pouches to avoid tarnishing. Avoid storing your jewelry in the bathroom, since it's humid, steamy, hot, and then cold. Your jewelry will get tarnished.

Tip 2. Avoid contact with moistures and liquid cosmetics; this includes lotions, makeup, sunscreens, hairsprays, body sprays, and perfume. Never use hand sanitizer or alcohol with your jewelry. ***Soap, oil, nail polish, polish remover, perfume, detergents and the likes may react with metal or plated jewelry and will cause them to tarnish easily. 

Tip 3. We recommend that you remove your jewelry (that is not solid GOLD) before taking a shower. Avoid swimming in the pool or ocean with your jewelry. If for any reason your jewelry gets wet, dry it with a soft cloth as soon as you can.

Tip 4. Try not to get plated rings scraped against counter tops or rubbed against car keys in pockets and purses. 

Tip 5.  Remove your jewelry before going to bed.

Tip 6. Avoid sweat, don't exercise while wearing your jewelry.

Tip 7. From time to time, clean your jewelry with a soft cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth.  This will keep it shinning and remove the body oils, perfumes, and lotions that overtime, will damage the finish of your jewelry.

Tip 8. We recommend our SPARKLE RULE! - your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before going out the door and the first thing you take off after coming home. 

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Stay tune for more blogs and tips!!!

Stay Sparkly!!! XOXO,


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